The Game

I’m sitting at a table. Darkness surrounds me. I see nothing but the cards on the table; the “community cards”. That is the world around me. I have no control over them. I take another look at my cards; my life. I don’t have control of what I’m dealt either. I can either win at showdown by having a better hand than my opponents. Or I must outplay them.

I shuffle my chips. I only have a certain amount every time. What I do with my chips is what I do have control over. I can bet, I can call, I can raise, I can re-raise, I can fold; my action will depend on my opponents’ actions. I have to read them. I have to know what they have done, what they might do. I have to act accordingly. I have to make the best decision possible if I want to win the pot. Or escape going broke.

In many ways, life is like a game of poker. There are many things you can’t control, be it situations or people. But what you can control, you have to deliberate the best decisions to produce the outcome you desire. You win some, big and small. And you lose some, big and small. Sometimes, you go broke. Except in life, sometimes you can’t wait for another tournament and start over. Sometimes, the decisions you make will cost you everything.

Make the best possible decisions. Live deliberately. Choose wisely. Take a deep breath. And then commit. That is poker. That is life.